About Me

I’m just a guy trying to write things down.  They say you should write every day- keep a journal of your thoughts so that you can learn from history.  All I know is that there is a lot that goes through my mind and there have been many times that I have wished I would have written it down.  Whatever I write is a reflection of me, and me alone.  I did not write it for you, though you are welcome to comment and discuss, I love a good conversation.  You, however, are not welcome to tell me what I should think or feel.  Expand my thinking and views, do not dictate them.  You may, of course, tell me I’m wrong, just be prepared to tell me why- and you had better be reasonable about it.

About this Page

I really, really, don’t update it enough. Truly. I write a great deal, but post infrequently. And I make no promises to quality.

This page is a refuge of any and all forms of expression that I manage to squeeze out and actually materialize into some sort of concrete form. Well, as concrete as any thought expressed through a digital medium can be. Take it for what you will. As such, content on this site is centered around a few of my philosophical points.

1) The meaning of your life is whatever you ascribe it to be, no more, or less. Having said that, education and experience offer you building blocks to add so much more nuance and flavor to that meaning. Pursue both, share both.

2) I did say share both, so you’ll find links and lists of content to consume as you will. They might not reflect my views, but they were interesting enough to expand it in some way.

3) Monologuing is awesome, as long as you shut up and listen, too. So when I’m not shouting into the void, which is all this blog is really aimed at, I spend a great deal of time reading, watching and listening. I sincerely hope that it means I’m also learning.

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