Big Mouth Strikes Again | Peggster

Source: Big Mouth Strikes Again | Peggster   I was just thinking about how different childhood is in the last 100 years and lo, this shows up in my feed.  For those who dwell on the ages old chicken and egg conundrum, I submit to you an alternative to consider… That of the of riddle… Continue reading Big Mouth Strikes Again | Peggster

By George!

So I donated to George’s production efforts.  When I was going through High School History, there were a few moments that really struck me about the last century of American History.  Racism and the civil rights movement, Joseph McCarthy and his horrible crusades against those he deemed his enemies, and the internment of Japanese Americans.… Continue reading By George!

Our New Rights « A Longer View

A post from a friend’s blog…Source: Our New Rights « A Longer View   That first paragraph, with the negative liberties comment, was painful for me to read. When people use language like that I have barely suppressed homicidal impulses.  It’s not just that I find the statement inane, I find it to be deliberate… Continue reading Our New Rights « A Longer View

Coming Full Circle

My Dad was a railroad man, over 30+ years. Seventeen with Milwaukee, another eighteen or so with Burlington Northern. For most of it he was a signalman, and he commanded a lot of different skills- electronics, communications, welding, repair, etc. And a ton of labor. When I was younger, he often tried to steer me… Continue reading Coming Full Circle

Quick thought on Pinterest

With my efforts to confront my obesity and change my eating habits drastically and effectively, concurrent with my recent activities to expand my knowledge of social media, I began looking through the Health/Fitness section of Pinterest.  It was depressing.  Statistically, Pinterest skews heavily towards the female user.  I would hazard, based on the numbers I… Continue reading Quick thought on Pinterest


My first impression of Pinterest is Google Image Search when I’m on acid. I’ve never done acid, or any other deliberately hallucinogenic substance, but that’s still my first impression. I am tempted to try Pinterest while listening to Dark Side of the Moon…

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