Facebook Post: 2022-09-27T14:57:21

Now, I might have to draw the line at an Nsync cover band, but yeah, this tracks. And it’s not just art, either. A lot of professions and areas of study are considered wasteful or ‘useless” by those that don’t understand them, or don’t know how to relate to them for any other purpose than… Continue reading Facebook Post: 2022-09-27T14:57:21

Facebook Post: 2022-09-14T22:32:38

There’s a great line in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie about goose stepping morons who should be reading books rather than burning them. You could replace banning with burning and get the same result – A deliberate suppression of knowledge and a concerted effort towards ignorance., usually for the purposes of exercising power over one… Continue reading Facebook Post: 2022-09-14T22:32:38