Jim often says what I’m thinking even when I don’t say it. I prefer to remain silent rather than say something I might regret once the anger has cooled. Sometimes, though, I feel like I should have allowed myself the response. I’m an angry, passionate hobbit, locked in the 5’5″ body of a calm looking person. As Ash said in Evil Dead, “It’s a trap.”

The last decade, and the last few years especially, have left me with an inner Hulk that is not silent, is not polite, and is really, really tired of the whole both sides argument. There’s more than two sides to virtually any situation, but the evidence from around the world over a period of 60+ years should have ended this particular scenario before it ever began. I’m pretty burnt out on watching that “other side” needlessly die.

December 23rd is a rough day for me and today cements that feeling even more.

19 years ago my father passed away, just a week before my new family and I were to go visit him. I still remember that day like it was just yesterday.

Today my family had to say goodbye to our English Springer Spaniel, Suzie. She’s been slowly failing for awhile now but she embodied the phrase, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” She was an enthusiastic wiggle butt to the end and we love her very much.

May the next 23rd be a better day, but this one bites.