I like to keep motivated so I search out videos for my playlist on YouTube. Almost every video includes “leaves audience speechless” in the title or description. I think these motivational channels need to get motivated to find better copy writers, maybe discover some previously unused superlatives or something…

Round table discussion. Too many questions and never enough time. Very interesting and informative , every time I listen to these it makes me super motivated to go out and do new thing, or so old things in new ways. The problem is that cloning trials in the US haven’t been as successful as I really need them to be….

I’ve got 3 kids, the oldest is 18. I realized about a year ago that none of them ever had Chicken Pox, and I didn’t know anyone in their circle who did get it. 1 generation and gone like Kaiser Soze, that’s what vaccination did.

I don’t like government mandates for much of anything, including vaccines. But, I also used to believe people could be both intelligent and reasonable when provided with facts or evidence, then the last decade happened and I no longer believe that, or in Santa Claus. It’s been tough.