Not too far off from reality, really. The key thing to take away, though, is that whether you think this is a good example of Karma(I do), or not, the people that got in first are the ones making the money. If you’re thinking of chasing this thing now, you’re shouldering virtually all of the risk.

I sometimes envy my children’s ability to use their phone. In the time that I see something pretty I want to take a picture of, they’ve already taken a selfie with it, edited on ears and a tongue, cross posted it on snapchat and Instagram and are half way through their video edit for youtube and tiktok. That kind of facility is cool as I know I would have to work twice as hard to be half as fast.

The pain was real. I remember first seeing a cable modem operate at the “blazing fast” speeds of 3megs. That was back 2000-2001, I think. It was such an inconceivable speed at the time.

I first had 1mb+ service around the same time, with DSL/WiFi/Cable pretty much ever since, nothing less than 3megs. Today I have 300-450 meg service.

Good times.

More journalists, not less. More news, less “news media”. CNN, Fox et al. need to drop the news appellation and own up to what they are – entertainment networks specializing in reality television showcasing primarily scripted dialogue and simulated programming. Fox News may have helped radicalize a couple generations of Americans, but CNN and the like were quite happy to chase the money right along with them.

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