We will have to see how this Supreme Court pick works out. Maybe she’ll be the shill that some conservatives hope she is, maybe not. But here’s the thing, the branches of government might be designed to be a check on each other, but the American Citizens are a check on the branches of government. If we want healthcare for all, there will be. If we want equal rights, there will be. Changes to our immigration, Supreme Court and infrastructure? There will be.

If we do our jobs then those we employ to do their jobs, will. What we’re experiencing right now is several generations of American Citizens not doing their jobs. This doesn’t end at election time, not if you want a better country.

TLDR – Facebook tweaked its algorithm to support conservative news sites and suppress “liberal” news sites, at the behest of Republican lobbyists. Arguably the Western world’s most influential media platform was putting its thumb on the scale of what influences you, while simultaneously denying it. Did they do something similar in the UK, where they’ve also seen a situation similar to ours? Other countries? Social media won’t go away, but we should really re-consider how we approach the medium before we let it destroy our country on behalf of profit.

Back when I helped teach martial arts I stressed to others that the best defense is not to get hit in the first place. You don’t have to block or absorb an attack if you aren’t there to begin with.

You don’t have to fight if you were never in a fight. The measure of strength is not how many hits you can take, it’s knowing how not to get hit in the first place.

In the US, the philosophy is the opposite. The strong trade punch for punch, regardless of the damage it does. Strength is only measured by the direct damage you can do to others. In ~300 years, I’m not sure we’ve learned a damned thing.