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So… Where’s all the pictures of them empty hospital parking lots showing proof of this Covid hoax now?

Anyone? Anyone?

Everybody are just sheep, right?

It was mid-March when I first saw this meme posted. I got into a few hot discussions about it then. I posted about it again on May 1st, and I’m doing it again now. Seems appropriate to post just days before we celebrate our “freedom”.

This week our President and ~1/2 our political leadership finally decided that maybe this wasn’t a political issue after all. For the first time, he finally, personally, kinda/sorta said that maybe masks would be a good thing. And he still managed to say that this will probably “all go away” soon, and “Hey, how about that economy?! It’s recovering!”

That’s not leadership.

It was never political. Never a conspiracy. The whole world has had to deal with this. We were warned, we were told, we had it shoved in our faces. This impacted everybody, everywhere.

Except here. We’re special here. Different. We knew better, right?

Over here it was all just a political hoax, right?

No, no it wasn’t. All you had to do was take ownership of the problem, that’s it. Step up and take care of business, like we Americans are known for doing, right?

It only became political when people made it about us vs them, Republicans vs Democrats, Conservatives vs. Liberals. It became political when people needed an excuse to be assholes, to call people snowflakes, to find a justification for selfishness over the common good. It became political when people chose power over the well being of the country and the citizens they were responsible for. And all the pundits, the media organizations, and the donors that supported that division, that put out “alternative facts”, that broadcast how much God supported our leadership? That bill is going to come due soon.

So, thank you for all the effort some of you have put into your conspiracy theories, and your Internet memes, your YouTube videos and Twitter outrages. Thank you for fighting tooth and nail to prevent any effective, proactive measures against this “Hoax”- The very same measures that everyone around the world are taking. Thank you for spending the last 5 months convincing as many people as you can that you have the inalienable right to irresponsibility. It’s working and that bill is coming due now.

The numbers today:

Confirmed: 2.74M adding 50K+ daily.
Recovered: 844K hopefully this number rises much higher/faster
Deaths: 130K adding ~500+ daily.

Confirmed: 10.7M
Recovered: 5.48M
Deaths: 516K

The numbers back around March 10th.

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.

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