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Well of course not! This is a great time to get all the older, tenured teachers and administrators off the payroll. Clear the ranks, so to speak. Downsize those expenses and open up positions so that a new generation of teachers can be brought in…at 1/3rd the cost.

The United States doesn’t know what to do with itself the moment it has to think about the welfare of its citizens. We’ve conditioned everyone to fit into the machine that is our economy. Everything we do is in service to the economy, to making money, to driving the economic engine. Our very identity is wrapped up in the pursuit of economic gain.

“What do you do?”
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“Who do you work for?”
“Starving artist.”
“What will your college major be?” -asked when in 9th grade.
“I can’t wait for retirement!”
“Where will you go when you retire? What will you do?”
“Poor people just need to work harder.”
“You’re just not working hard enough.”
“Put in the over time now so that you play later.”

Our daily conversations, our getting to know you questions, all of them are couched in some form of -“How do you, or will you, make money?”

And, as we know, the overwhelming majority of that “production” does not end up with the majority of citizens.

Capitalism isn’t bad, but it does make for a very lousy God.

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.

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