A lot of people today only know Bill Cosby for his status as a predator. Long before that, he was one of the people responsible for breaking the color barrier in Hollywood. Listen to his interview and the comments and analysis he makes. Notice the questions he’s being asked. This interview was 50 years ago. You’d barely have to change the context and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if it were done yesterday.

I’m not a registered member of the Democratic party, so I don’t know the content of their fundraising emails. I don’t know if they’re worded any differently, use a higher level of language, etc. Maybe they’re similar to the shit show I receive from the Republicans? Anybody have real examples?

Here’s a paragraph from the one I get from Republicans. It’s designed to divide, to push fear and hate, and set people against each other. And like all hate mongering rhetoric, it has no problem positioning lies to get your support.

You want a better country, a more “civil” society with citizens that work together for the better of everyone? Then you need to get a better political party with better discourse. At any rate, that won’t happen, but here’s the email I received this morning.


Thank you for joining my team!

I am counting on my loyal supporters like you to carry us to victory again in 2020.

We are up against an unhinged left-wing mob, a Democratic party that has embraced radical socialism, and the FAKE NEWS media that will NEVER tell the truth about all of our accomplishments.

As a member of Team Trump, I want to be sure you’re always up to date with the latest news from our campaign. If you sign up for texts, I’ll personally send you updates directly to your phone.

Don’t let the FAKE NEWS filter keep you from getting the latest news about our campaign.

The battle for the White House starts NOW!

Use this secure link to sign up for REAL NEWS text updates directly from me. >>

Make America Great Again!

When you let the corporations control the message, from the sidewalk to the halls of Congress, from the newspaper to Fox & Friends, you might seriously consider that they’re not being particularly honest…

But let’s be honest here, if you bought into their lies in the first place, this likely won’t change your perspective, even if your own experiences support the facts.

My feed this morning. Before my dietary changes I was more of a butter flavored Mrs Butterworth guy, but Log Cabin and Aunt Jemima were perfectly fine substitutes. I don’t think a name change will affect the taste, unless they call it something like “New Coke”.

Not sure what it’s like off camera, but here’s a live stream of the so called autonomous zone in Seattle. A far better option than the violence before, certainly a lot different than what’s being portrayed by some people and certain entertainment networks. It’s not a long term solution to anything but we’ll see what comes of it.