They say that character is best revealed by what you do when nobody is around to watch you and hold you accountable.

I still believe that’s accurate, for the most part.

But it can also be revealed by what you do and say when everyone is watching you, especially over a long enough time line.

Distracted is not the excuse, nor the term, I would use…

So today Joshua Granot turns 15. It has certainly been an interesting year! I’ve seen a lot of growth and changes in someone who is working hard to become the person they want to be. I couldn’t be happier.

Last year I wrote that our children our only on loan to us for a little while, that they are ours for only a short time. Every year that hits home just a bit faster, a little closer. But that’s OK, I wouldn’t miss out on this for anything. Happy Birthday Joshua, I love you and wish you all the best. (Also, it’s OK to come out of your dungeon for cake and coffee. I know they said shelter in place, quarantine, etc, but they meant don’t leave your house, not your room).

Experiences like this are why I’m critical of pushing money into our market, and earmarking 1/2 a trillion for business bailouts without accountability or visibility.

Businesses will need help, they should be next in line after we ensure American Citizens are adequately taken care of. No consumer means no business. No business means the end of your stock market and the eventual fall of the system that makes all those 8 figure plus millionaires, the Billionaires and the multinational corporations. We will need them, but first, the Citizens.

But if you reverse the process, give all the money to the big corporations right now, you still have most people out of work, at home. You still don’t have a consumer capable of buying anything. The quarantine ensures that. And no, a low interest loan won’t fix that, not yet.