Hmmm. With the recent developments in the Russian investigation, the loss of his Chief of Staff(now replaced) and defense secretary, I suspect that more Republicans will be publicly critical of President Trump. You’ll see more criticism than you have since before he was elected.

They did not suddenly find their backbones, much less some semblance of integrity. No, all that this means is that they sense President Trump’s position is no longer so secure that they need to pander to him in order to stay elected. The GOP is anything but…

A great adventure game back in the day. One of the first I ever played after I upgraded to a Sound Blaster card from my old Adlib card. The difference was like going from silent films w/ piano to early THX surround.

Anyway, relive a revitalized old game with at least one character voiced by Mark Hamill.

Perspective from the front lines

I had a bit of an argument with a liberal friend of mine the other day. She was confused over comments Ammon Bundy had made toward President Trump the other day. I asked her why she was confused. I did not expect her response.  ***Please keep in mind, while you read my summation below, that… Continue reading Perspective from the front lines