I limit myself on social media these days, especially Facebook, because I’ve noticed this very thing. I’ve watched it with my friends and family on both the Left and the Right. Everyone comfortable in their own echo chambers, reinforcing their own biases. Every where you turn, there’s a meme, a talking head, an outraged conspiracy perfectly placed and nobody questions why, or where it came from. And because it reinforces their own views, nobody wants to. In fact, they fight very hard to defend it, instead.


When President Trump was campaigning he promised to, “Drain the swamp.” What he didn’t say, and what the American People should have already known, is that he planned to back fill it with corporate elite. Which is to say, taking one swamp and swapping it with another.

Our government is the shield between corporations and the Citizens. At best, it should be an uneasy truce. Now the fox is in the hen house, with the rooster being paid to look the other way. Whenever self-interested government officials and self-interested corporations get together, American Citizens are the ones that pay the price. Our history is full of examples.