Interesting and not all that unexpected. The more fear there is the more likely one is to hole up and defend. When you look at the rhetoric from both sides, anecdotally at least, it does seem as if the Right is more geared towards defensive positions and reaction to fear.

So there were a couple of lions that escaped from the local circus. Apparently the regular guy in charge had been sick for the last week and everyone forgot to feed them. The moment somebody finally remembered, the lions took the opportunity to escape and go find their own food in town.

According to a witness, the lions entered a local church. As they headed down the aisle the preacher, true to his faith, threw up his hands and cries, “Oh God please save me from these heathen animals!”

At this point the lions stop in their tracks and immediately bow their heads in prayer! The priest approaches them, gets a look of terror on his face and falls over in a faint.

The eye witness reports, “I didn’t hear everything, but I did get the last bit the lions were saying-” thanks for this meal we are about to receive…”