Watching how President Trump comports himself with his top aides and appointments is like watching a Whitehouse version of the Apprentice – Full of drama, false promise and ultimately, a disappointing result. It’s like he read a book on leadership and motivation co-written by Bobby Knight and Heath Ledger’s Joker and decided to follow it to the letter.

And it’s not just Comcast. The FCC is the only real line between consumers and the telecom monopolies that provide you Internet access. With the new administration has come new leadership at the FCC, and they are solidly in Cable & Telecom industry’s pockets. Right now the new leadership is pushing hard to repeal what little protection we have.

100 Days

I saw a post from a former pastor of mine.  I consider him a friend and mentor – at least, I considered him one.  It’s a confusing thing.  I still love and respect him, admire much of his character and have nothing but the deepest appreciation for the things he has taught me over the… Continue reading 100 Days

Linux – where even the simplest things require complex solutions at the command line.

For example, if you were having dinner with Linux and wished for the salt.

Hello Linux. I am Dan. I am authorized to ask you. Yep, here’s the secret hand shake.

Using the thumb and two fingers of your right hand attached to your right arm, which I’ve previously installed and updated, please grasp the salt, which has been identified as belonging to both the Table and to Me, and place it in front of my plate.

What do you mean error?

Oh, yes. The regular salt, NaCl, version Lawry. Not the sea salt, NaCl, version Salty Pirate.

Repeat the command?!

Of course I’m sure. No I don’t care that it will take an additional inch of table space.

Thank you. Why isn’t the salt pouring out? What do you mean I only have permission to look at it? Argh!!!

And so on….

On Windows it goes something like this.

Here’s $5, please pass the salt.