I’m sure it’s a pretty island but I’m afraid the views are a bit restricted at midnight. On a different note, I guess nature might be out to get me. My first stop involved a cabinet that was infested with ants. Unfortunately, that’s where the log book was kept. I go to open it up and there are hundreds and hundreds of ants crawling around it’s pages. For the next hour all I could do was imagine the dang things crawling on me…

No Bigfoot found, but I did end up in the middle of nowhere and I swear I heard banjos… On an unrelated note, I was driving back off a site thinking about American Werewolf in London. Right at that point, this dog, probably about 80 lbs or so, all puffed up and furry like, jumps out at my truck and starts barking like crazy. It was 330 am and I may have screamed like a little girl. Fortunately, there are no witnesses to confirm that, so I maintain that I handled it in a manly fashion and merely continued to drive down the road like nothing happened.

Week number two of over nights plus. This week should go better, I think I’ve got my groove figured out. Work until about 4am, nap until 10 am, work some more, nap as needed and then repeat. Beautiful weather in the greater Seattle area right now, I’m just hoping that extends the Snoqualmie area as I’m there tonight.
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