Yowza. A quick glance at the Trump tax plan shows me that the poor will continue to pay no tax, the middle class may see a rise or a cut in their taxes, and the wealthy will see a tax break. It looks like most corporations will see a significant tax break, as well.

It’s still pretty light on details, but so far it looks like a lot less revenue with next to nothing eliminated in expenses. Trump might have moved to slay the perceived golden calf of the Right in the form Planned Parenthood, public radio and the like, but that’s a drop in the bucket in terms of overall spending. I welcome a simplified tax code, but I don’t see where this will reduce the deficit, much less pay down the national debt. I’ll be waiting for more details.

***Edited for update. So less than an hour after I send them an email, guess what pops up on the website? You got it,a banner declaring “Breaking!” 3 days late, but hey, it works…

I had to send our friends at the The Billings Gazette a letter to the editor today. I’m not a Barry Beach apologist or supporter, but in the past I have noticed that the Gazette has been pretty quick to tar and feather Mr. Beach.

“Friday afternoon it was noted that the City of Billings dropped charges against Barry Beach after noting that they would not likely be able prove their case, especially given the multiple failures to show by the accuser, as well as GPS evidence and witness statements that place Beach elsewhere during the supposed infraction. The GPS evidence is notable given that it appears to contradict previous information provided by the Gazette indicating the exact opposite. I’m not writing this letter to mention the details, however, I’m writing to ask, “Where’s the breaking news headline?” You see, in the past the Gazette has been very quick to report any alleged infraction by Mr. Beach, with bright red banners proclaiming, “Breaking News!”, and some reporting with a decidedly questionable slant. Three days, so far, and nothing from the Gazette. The silence, is conspicuous in its absence.”