Slash and earn!

OK, so maybe the title isn’t right on the money… but I confess to a love of puns.

Trump is on a tear in his second week, looking to continue his momentum to “get things done”.  One of his latest acts is one I endorse.  With great power comes a really big damn mirror that you should look in so your reflection can say, “Is this really necessary?”  Well, a big mirror and maybe some hallucinogenic edibles.  One of the failings of politicians at virtually every level of government is that they feel this horrible urge to equate doing their jobs with the passing of legislation, which invariably leads to unnecessary laws and regulation. Historically, I’m not sure if what President Trump is doing has been effective, but I am curious to find out.

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.


  1. I only pass on a quip from Pournelle.

    “Note that the Republican Establishment, having said that having both Houses of Congress were insufficient to let them do anything, now is seeking common cause with the Democrats on the grounds that they need a more popular President. One suspects that if they bet that, they’ll have other reasons for leaving the Establishment alone.

    If the Executive has no power to hire and fire the government officers, just who is responsible to the people? Anyone? Why is that better than a king? As Parkinson observes, kings can waste money on favorites and mistresses, but there is a limit on how many they want, or indeed can endure.”

    I am not too upset by Trump yet, because I suspect he is illuminating the process for the public. Also he is telling by action that he is actually doing something.

    I suspect all of his actions will be held in abeyance or overturned by lawsuit.

  2. Good timing on the firing comment, as he did exactly that after the AG disagreed with him. So far you can certainly characterize the President as a man of action.

    Like you, I suspect that he will be challenged on many of his initial directives, however if he continues to fire or lean on any and all who disagree with him, the opposition may begin to cower. This could be quite the crucible for Congress. I think I’ll find a comfortable spot on the couch and grab some popcorn.

    1. Trump will lose. Washington has intentionally made the law a Byzantine labyrinth to stymie outsiders.
      That is for the best. Congress is supposed to be preeminent over the other branches. Because: Democracy.
      Save me a seat. I’ll melt some butter.

      1. Perhaps. In the long run, yes, he will very likely lose, but every once and a while, along comes an Alexander with a novel answer to the Gordion Knot. Is Trump an Alexander? He has the tan, but not the physique.

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