Slash and earn!

OK, so maybe the title isn’t right on the money… but I confess to a love of puns. Trump is on a tear in his second week, looking to continue his momentum to “get things done”. ¬†One of his latest acts is one I endorse. ¬†With great power comes a really big damn mirror that… Continue reading Slash and earn!

Marching side by side

Protests are a funny thing, most people don’t like them even when they have legitimate points. ¬†Most recently I think of the election, the equal rights and various civil rights protests going on since the 9th of November, but I’m also thinking of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Vietnam protests and, of course, the… Continue reading Marching side by side

When they came for… I remained silent

With the election and subsequent results, America may be finding its voice for the first time in nearly 60 years. ¬†Then, as now, it is not a cohesive voice, with the country speaking as one, but there are elements of cooperation, of banding together in order to be heard. ¬†President Trump’s first full week in… Continue reading When they came for… I remained silent

No clothes and nobody to tell him

Trump orders a media blackout at the EPA It seems his approach to generating new jobs/business will be to essentially remove regulation as a barrier. ¬†I won’t argue that there are many areas where we are over regulated. ¬†Perhaps I’m being self-serving, but I’d argue that the shipping industry is one such area. ¬†With that… Continue reading No clothes and nobody to tell him

Manic Monday

Well, It’s the start of his first full week in office. ¬†Kind of interesting. ¬†Pulls out the TPP, and wants to renegotiate NAFTA, too. ¬†I support that move. ¬†Then does the usual Republican thing with abortions, which I wish would just stop. ¬†Enough political back and forth between the Right & Left on that. ¬†His… Continue reading Manic Monday