So my daughter wanted a bedtime story. All grandma had around were Cabbage Patch Kids books. That seemed kind of boring so I turned them into Cabbage Patch Kids of Hazzard County. She got to hear all about the big bike race of Hazzard County, complete with multiple southern accents and the guest appearance of Cooter, who helped fix some bikes.

So, there’s this jackass by the name of Cody Davis, it seems he’s sharing a popular graphic from CNN. I guess it’s supposed to prove that white people have it worse than colored people when it comes to getting shot by police. Frankly, I’d be very happy if nobody was shot and we all stopped thinking white vs black was something you have to “win”. But I’m not here for that, I just want to point out a little something about Cody’s pillaged CNN picture,and about Cody himself… He really sucks at math. Let me break it down.

Amount of population white people represented in the US- ~77%
Amount of population black people represented in the US ~13%
For the sake of argument, everyone else in the US ~10%

There are almost 6 white people in the US for every black person. Let’s break down the graphic…
1,111 total people
African American 21%
White 37%
Hispanic .01%
Unreported 28%

Notice something strange? Despite being only 13% of population, blacks account for a minimum of 21% of the deaths… Meanwhile, whites account for about 37%, despite making up 77% of our nation.

Now, the unreported percentage can really throw off our numbers, but let’s say that every single one of them was white, even though that is statistically unlikely.

That would mean 65% of all people killed by police were white and 21% were black. Notice there’s still a difference?

This graphic doesn’t tell you why some people were killed more than others. It doesn’t tell you who’s good, who’s bad, or what “side” you have to take. The picture doesn’t do anything but give you numbers. But if that’s all you have to look at, those numbers tell a story different than the one that Mr Cody Davis, and anyone else trying to give you “proof” is trying to tell you….Instead of trying to prove who has it worse, how about all of us work on trying to get those numbers to 0.