Memorial Dal

I’m not sure there are many sacred cows left to me.  Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day meant for reflection and remembrance of our fallen soldiers.  I guess if you’re only going to set aside one day to remember a specific subset of the dead, a Monday in May will do the job.  I personally… Continue reading Memorial Dal

Implacable Opposition

I’m a pacifist at heart.  Not because I don’t like violence, I’m actually a bit fond of it.  Not because I am weak, as I have the will commit intentional harm.  No, I’m a pacifist because I find violence stupid.  It’s stupid to harm another person because we disagree, or don’t believe in the same things,… Continue reading Implacable Opposition

One thing I note that this piece doesn’t mention is that the university system is also the only business that never has to worry about their customers not posting them back. Student loan debt is guaranteed by the Federal government and cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Imagine car or housing prices if they had that guarantee..