Super Tuesday

Well, that was interesting! I think it pretty much lined up as anticipated.  There weren’t any major surprises that I can think of, unless you’re a Republican that thinks the Donald is going down in the third round.

Bernie continues to show up against Hilary, but unless something radical occurs, will continue to lose in a 2-1 fashion.  I think the biggest thing here would be that Hilary and company should take a closer look at what their constituency likes about Bernie.  Voters and Democrats should be looking closer at the workings of the DNC and the delegate system- they aren’t looking out for our best interests.

The GOP is pretty much still in denial.  They are starting to take Trump seriously, launching more concerted attacks, but it’s pretty pathetic.  Mitt Romney’s comments rang especially hollow to me, and apparently had little effect on anything.  Taken together, it’s pretty clear that the GOP remains out of touch with a formidable portion of the voting public, and it’s pretty apparent they still do not recognize this fact.  Politics is not known for its deep introspective approach, in my opinion I’m pretty Hollywood is about the only entity less self-aware than the DC Pageantry that we have now.  It will be interesting to see how the American People and the GOP rearrange themselves after this election, and will any of it bleed over to the DNC, who could use a re-evaluation of their own.

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.

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