Kevin Spacey – We get what we deserve

Kevin Spacey, paraphrasing Edward R Murrow, said we get what we deserve. ¬†I think that is a great point of his, but it brings up a problem. ¬†You can’t operate a business at a loss and expect to stay in business, it just isn’t feasible. ¬†Money has to come from somewhere, and you can be… Continue reading Kevin Spacey – We get what we deserve

To the future

I’m reading through a book that a dear friend sent me. It has an absolutely fantastic line in it. “…This space, however convenient it had been for his recent past, was much too small to hold his future.” I look around and see the same thing with me. ¬†It isn’t that I have not learned… Continue reading To the future

Political Prognostications

No, I do not refer to them as my PP. ¬†That would be juvenile, which is just funny as hell, and therefore not a serious form of humor. Bernie – He’s struggling to bring in the win in the south like I thought he would. ¬†He’s not losing by much, however, which is better than… Continue reading Political Prognostications

The SS

No, not Ze Germans. ¬†I mean Selective Service. ¬†I’ve been inundated with radio commercials lately talking about required registration for SS, SSS as they’re calling it now. ¬†I find it rather telling that they use the stick rather than the carrot. ¬†“Don’t break the law.” ¬†“You won’t qualify for college grants or scholarships.” “You’ll never… Continue reading The SS