More than one side to a coin in this Euclidian verse…

I was watching a video by a gentleman yesterday- he is a cop who also has a popular youtube channel, facebook, etc.  He had some pretty interesting things to say, several of which I agreed with, but the one thing that stood out to me was his analysis of the root cause of why we… Continue reading More than one side to a coin in this Euclidian verse…

Last day to snap up a cup(or four) featuring your favorite team. Thank you for all your support!

My son, Joshua, is participating in a fundraiser for his school. The funds will go towards the construction of the Lion’s Lair 2.0 Playground, which is not only a school playground, but a community one, as well. I actually helped build the original Lion’s Lair when I was in 9th grade, so it is neat that Josh gets a similar opportunity now. The original Lion’s Lair was an awesome community project that benefited a great many people over the years, but unfortunately it eventually got too old to be safe. The new one will be bigger, better and hopefully, even more future proof. To that end, Joshua is selling Spirit Cups – Drinking Cups and Travel Mugs sporting the Team of your choice from the NFL, NHL, MLB, Collegiate and Military organizations. Joshua’s goal is to exceed 100 items so that he can win an Amazon Gift Card, which he’ll use to purchase books(Probably MineCraft related). Please consider purchasing a cup to help towards his goal. If you can’t purchase, we understand. You can still help by sharing the link so that maybe friends and family can help. Anything ordered will be shipped directly to you, but please let us know, as Josh will record a personal thank you message that he will send to you via YouTube. Thank you and happy shopping!

A Day to Remember

I remember being in 8th grade History, taught by a very smart man, Mr. Derrig.  He was explaining to us that Columbus did not actually discover America.  It was a bit of a defining moment to me, as I remember experiencing a great deal of anger over learning that.  Even as I was experiencing the… Continue reading A Day to Remember

Adam Purple’s Garden

I caught this link from Dubious Quality.  Adam Purple’s Garden of Eden What strikes me most about this is the vision and effort of one person transformed urban decay into something beautiful.  Two decades of work created something organic in a concrete jungle.  And it was destroyed by the government in an hour.  Now, I’m… Continue reading Adam Purple’s Garden