Sometimes it is better to say nothing.

I came across this over the weekend and thought I would share.  I have to limit my exposure to all things online, especially those related to social media/news sites.  I love the Internet, and its ability to democratize speech is truly awesome, but I also think it has thoroughly proven this theorem.  In order to… Continue reading Sometimes it is better to say nothing.

A recent example that people can act rationally around each other. Perhaps it was because the expectation of such being set ahead of time? Either way, I’m pleased.

One thing that the article pointed out was the other campuses have cancelled speakers based on the possibility that some might feel unsafe, or “triggered”(my word, not theirs). I think that is a very bad approach. One of the most divisive things we have done to our country has been to filter ourselves to the point where we no longer interact with opposing view points or uncomfortable topics. It fosters an us or them mentality and reinforces our personal biases to such a degree that we can no longer tolerate any viewpoint or experience but our own. This is very dangerous.