Tuesdays don’t get much in the way of respect or regard.  As the day immediately following the dreaded and much maligned Monday, Tuesday is often regarded as Monday+, or the 2nd Monday.  Not much love there considering the typically hate that Monday receives.  And unlike a Wednesday or a Thursday, which are viewed in a more positive light given their relative position to the weekend, Tuesday offers no hope of impending salvation, no anticipation of just one more day.  It’s the uphill slope of your week and there’s no seeing the weekend on the other side.  So, in light of this, I offer a Tuesday funny.


Chivalry is dead

I do not believe that chivalry is dead, but I do think that landscape of combat has changed dramatically…

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.

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