Interesting. I don’t think scanning publically available computers attached to a quasi legal file sharing network is, in and of itself, illegal. With that said, why was the Navy doing it? That isn’t their job.

I got all 3 correct. The 1st two questions are basic math, so I would be surprised if their percentage of correct responses is, well… correct. Their rate of inflation isn’t very realistic, though

I hope there is an appeal filed immediately. Whether you’re pro 2nd amendment, or not, the reasoning that the judge takes in order to back up his ruling is alarming. By his rationale, any modern rifle falls under similar logic. Rifling, cartridges, etc did not exist when the founders were alive, and by extension, should not be legal to carry today. The courts have only rarely handled modern technology with anything approaching savvy, but this ruling seems pretty poor even by the incredibly low standards that have already been set.

Ok, I love her rationale here. She says she is putting forth a bill that blocks government interference so that they can’t make cable companies discriminate against certain traffic. The kicker is, she is introducing this bill to block the FCC from mandating to Internet Providers that they shall not discriminate against certain traffic…

Her capacity for double think is impressive, and, not surprisingly, well funded by companies that most certainly want to interfere with internet traffic.