Too Big to Fail

Too big to fail.  Most of us recognize that turn of phrase from the last bailout/banking crisis.  Several years after the bailout we are still seeing the fallout from when the banks were running wild with unregulated mortgages and related financial instruments.  Well, not really financial instruments, more like government endorsed Ponzi schemes… Too big to fail… Continue reading Too Big to Fail

Wow. Nothing like teaching kids what we think but not why. Theologically, it’s like discussing Jesus without being able to reference or discuss the prophecy that predicted his arrival. Both sides of the aisle should be against this.

Emotional Intelligence continues to rear its head.

I’m linking to a couple of pieces written by Travis Bradberry, the gentleman who wrote Emotional Intelligence 2.o.  I’m curious to see if he equates success to wealth, as Daniel Goleman seemed to in his book, Emotional Intelligence.  I still need to run down the connection between the two authors, see what history and influence… Continue reading Emotional Intelligence continues to rear its head.