How to tell a well reasoned post from a parroted conspiracy vis a vis our national leadership.

If the phrase or concept, “because they/them/it/nwo wants the American public to rely completely on the government for their needs.” or “because they/them/it/nwo deliberately wants our economy to fail because of <insert reason>”, you can safely assume that the person posting or sharing said information is an idiot, at best.  At worst, they actually support the idea and are actively trying welcome their new overlords.

Let’s work out some basic math regarding how the government/world/our economy works.

1st assumption) Money = Power

2nd assumption) Produced goods, sold goods, services = revenue for individuals and state

3rd assumption) Private enterprise is more profitable vs. state owned enterprise

Based on those 3 assumptions, which have been born out time and again through history, it stands to reason that ideal conditions for power are a skilled, eager workforce engaged in private, for profit enterprise.

Enter your conspiracy idiots.  Their premise is that they/them/it/nwo/the black muslim in office want to secure all power under themselves via a corrupt communist/socialist state in which the public subsists entirely on handouts from said government.  This is, of course, done via a combination of socialist/communist agenda and destruction of our economy.

The logical result of this, you would think, would be the collapse of our economy, and, eventually our government as the nanny state loses all their money, earned and borrowed.  With no production to replace the revenues, collapse is an eventual certainty.  Of course, with no money comes a singular lack of power as those in control can no longer afford the items of luxury and military might that they once could…

And to those who think the current administration is the Anti-Christ, that we live in end times, or that there is some plot to “take over” via a socialist/communist agenda, consider this…  Real power comes with a nation whose people are happy, productive, educated and actively engaged in building their country’s resources…  A happy, well fed populace with plenty of income and few wants is far less likely to question the motives of their leaders they are content with the status quo.  If you want to find your Anti-Christ, look for him/her when our world and its people are at its most wealthy, its most joyful.

Now for the real conspiracy…  Does what is written above mean that there are people actively working against our happiness, our prosperity, our well being on the basis that they are preventing the end of the world?  Are they trying to keep you ignorant and angry in order to save you?  Does this mean that Obama isn’t the bad guy, but the hero?  Oh boy, bet that hurt, didn’t it?

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.

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