Bob Seger was everything I hoped it would be. He played a solid set, including 3 new songs, and he played, “Like a Rock” for the 1st time in 26+ years. He came out for an encore twice and played a good show. Unlike some concerts I’ve been to, this was definitely all about the music, not the presentation. He gave anecdotes about some of his songs, credited original songwriters for their work and made sure to highlight each member of the band. I liked it. A couple of things stand out in my memory of tonight.

1)That I even have a memory of tonight. There was definitely some extra curricular- Now legal!- activity going on all around us.

2)Bob looks a lot like a friend of mine, Rick Waltenbaugh, but with more hair on top. The resemblance is uncanny.

3)Bob smiles a lot like Ray Charles when get gets into a song. Similar body language, at times, too.

4)A couple of songs utilized this enormous saxaphone. If Andre the Giant played sax, this would be the one he used. Lesser mortals, yea, even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would seem…inadequate. I have never seen a sax that big. At first I thought it was a misshapen tuba. Having said all that, Alto Reed is a phenomenal sax player.

And that’s it for now.

An interesting article over at NPR. It challenges some commonly held stereotypes in the Right vs. Left silliness. You will notice that several of the states noted for having the lowest rates are also known as some of the most liberal, while those states featuring some of the highest rates our predominately conservative. What does this mean? Not a damn thing other than we should be looking at the issues rather than the labels. Give it a read.