Saw this on a friend’s page. I’ve been asking questions like this from the beginning. Although I don’t agree with everything the author says, the majority is spot on. The fact is, what other industry says that prices are going to rise after they’re handed a guaranteed 35 million new customers. Economies of scale apply in virtually every sector of business, until you get here….

Things are progressing well but no new daughter quite yet. I am betting things will get real fun right around 6 Seattle time, but we will see. On a side note, I’ve got a book going on in the hospoital on how much she will weigh at birth. Buy in is a dollar, winner takes all unless I get busted by the gaming commission.

Age I was given: 25
Where I lived: Lewistown, MT
What I drove: 95 Olds Achieva
What I did: I was part Inter Tech Inc. doing the computer ISP thing with two good friends
Who had my heart: My future Wife
Fears: The future birth of my son being a parent

Age Now: 35
Where I live: Seattle, WA
What I drive: ’01 Ford F150
What I do: Account executive for Datasphere
Who has my heart: My family
Fears: Failing to be everything that I can be, as an individual and a parent/partner to my family

My advice to all expectant parents, especially the fathers, is to buy a really comfortable couch prior to the birth of your child. I learned this lesson with my 1st son. Most people think it’s because you will need a spot for mama to be comfortable with baby, and this is true… but mostly it’s because you’ll need a great spot to sleep on after you make fun of your very pregnant wife for waddling. 🙂 Life is too short to pass up great comedic moments.