Guns are not the problem

I made the post below on a local news forum in response to a letter written to the editor.  I’ve gotten a bit grumpy in my old age.  I don’t suffer fools anymore.  Not that I ever did, really, but I’m more vocal about it now.  Damn kids need to get off my lawn!  🙂… Continue reading Guns are not the problem

So, Bob Seger is coming to Seattle in March. More than catching the Stones, Elton John, and many others from the better days of music, this is the guy I have wanted to see since I missed out on going to see him about 17 years ago. I just started with my new company so hopefully his tickets aren’t too much, but I’d sell books out of my permanent collection to go to this concert.

Thoughts on the President’s Speech

Loved his comment on, “the origins of people’s names.” Good comment regarding mob rule.  There has been a lot of mob think going on these past few years.  I think maybe I’m more of aware of that than I was even a few years ago, and maybe that colors my view, but I also think… Continue reading Thoughts on the President’s Speech