Tragedy as politics

What happened on Friday the 14th was a tragedy.  A tragedy perpetrated by evil for purposes we can only guess at.  No amount of analysis will ever give us all the answers we could possibly want for why such a horrible act occurred.  But that hasn’t stopped many people from coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of the situation for their own political ends.  Well, let me tell you a few things about what what this situation is, and is not.

It is evil, pure evil.  I don’t care why you hate your life, why you hate others, or how miserable your life is.  Nothing that happens to you will ever justify the murder of innocents because of your pain.

Evil acts can and will occur anywhere, at any time.  We do not live in a perfect world, and we are all subject to this tragedy.  Anyone with loved ones has this fear buried within them- the knowledge that senseless tragedy can take them away from us at any time.

Guns were the tool used in this tragedy.  Guns make killing easier, that is what they do.  That said, if guns were not available, other tools are.  Restricting weapons doesn’t make it harder to commit violence, it just changes the method used.

Having guns does not equate to anything other than possession.  Teachers having guns will not make anyone safer unless they are trained in them, constantly and consistently.  Owning a gun does not make me or my family serial killers in training, or even an “enthusiast”.  I own a saw, that does not make me a contractor or a carpenter.  What happened is not about 2nd amendment rights, so knock it off.

Israel is not safer because of all their firearms.  They are a nation at war, under siege at all times.  They have those firearms so they can kill those that are their enemies.  Were they a  nation at peace, surrounded by peace, then a case may be made for their effectiveness.

Switzerland requires gun ownership because their population is the army.  Participation is required by law.  Whether it is effective or not is open to debate because nobody invades Switzerland!

Having God in schools will not prevent tragedy.  Neither will having two parent homes, marriage only between men and women, or any other absurd notion being put out there as a means of furthering a political agenda without regard to rationale or facts.  We live in a fallen world, not paradise.  We can aspire to all sorts of moral summits, to improving ourselves and our society, but that will not take evil out of the world- Evil occurs everywhere, from the holiest of grounds to the most depraved of living conditions.

Twenty seven people lost their lives on Friday.  Twenty seven people who will not know what their future may bring.  That is all that matters to them and to those that knew and loved them.  Leave it at that.

By Dan Granot

I chose the Shorter Whitman because of his work, "Song of Myself" and because of my self-deprecating sense of humor. I am under no illusion that I can write successful essays or poetry, but I have been known to write them anyway.

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