Paul had it wrong…

During church today I had time to ponder why so much of Christianity is about living life after death, for focusing on everything but the world as it is right now.  It’s not that I don’t believe in a better life after Christ, I do, but it seems to me that we are using the… Continue reading Paul had it wrong…

Dinner at Dad’s

As I was growing up, one of the memories that has stuck in my mind when I think about my father was during the holidays.  After his mother passed away, we stopped getting together with our extended family members and started eating at my dad’s, instead.  We usually had turkey, ham, and everything that goes… Continue reading Dinner at Dad’s

Turkey done.
Stuffing done.
Candied Sweet Potato done.
Green bean thingy done.
Rolls done.
Pie done.
Cranberries done.
Olives done.

Do you think I could make a decent gravy? Not as done… Gravy is an art form I”m still working on, apparently. Didn’t turn out too bad, just not great.

Still, dinner was a success and everyone was happy, except the dog, who wasn’t allowed to the table. She kind of protested that. I hope Christmas dinner was good for everyone.

Penny Arcade

The Penny Arcade had a great comic up today pointing out the irony in the gun control/free speech debate.  What I enjoy about these guys is their ability to call bull shit without necessarily taking a particular political side or stance.  We’re a country of people who are all too often divided into an “us” or… Continue reading Penny Arcade

Obama on gun control

So Facebook has this post going around where Obama is saying the guns don’t make people safer while it has all his secret agents with their guns circled.  I’m all for the 2nd Amendment and I’m for the responsible ownership of guns, but this particular message is a bit off center. The average citizen does… Continue reading Obama on gun control