Not having lived for the past 200+ years, I guess I lacked the perspective needed to realize how “normal” it is for critical elections to be such foul mouthed affairs. This is the first election for me where the division has been bad enough that lies, bigotry and worse have become the defacto campaign tactics for both sides. People and institutions that I normally respect gladly reprint lies as fact, send chain letters to the opinion section of newspapers that are complete untruths, and behave in print and online in ways that would have gotten them slapped in person, or worse. On one hand, it’s important to understand this is nothing new, but on the other hand, it’s pretty sad that after all these years of proclaiming what a great country we are, how highly developed the human race is, how having access to immense amounts of information allows us to better discern the facts, if not truth- that when it comes time to help determine the future of our country, and our people, we willingly sink to our basest levels. Growing up as a kid and a young adult, I was fortunate to have some mentors that came along and helped me figure out who I was and what it meant to be an adult. They led by example and let their character be my guide to being a better person. They expected me to be the best that I could be and never compromised that expectation. Perhaps it is time we did the same for ourselves and our country.

Well, today marks my ten year anniversary. If you break it down, that’s about 520 weeks. Break it down further and that’s about 1 week of I can’t believe I’m actually married and 519 weeks of realizing I still don’t know a damn thing about being married. But break it down anyway you like and it has been an incredible adventure! So Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife, Ariel Granot, and here is to another 10 years of adventure!