I’m rambling today, I’m not bothering to work this into one coherent meme, so by all means pass on by.¬†ūüôā I saw a poll today on a website, I don’t remember which one. It was asking which moment in MLK’s life was the most important. The Dream Speech, his non-violence,… Continue reading

To each their own…decision.

I happened to be reading this article when my oldest son looked over my shoulder and started reading along with me. ¬†This lead to a conversation of sorts with him, which I rather enjoyed. At first my son was actively against the shop owners. ¬†He said he would have sued… Continue reading

The New Economy by Emma Lazarus

Yesterday I got to thinking about the influence of a bad mustache on modern foreign policy. ¬†The effect is dramatic, I think. ¬†Today, I want to offer up an alternative to a good mustache gone bad. ¬†It’s time for a little competition and some good marketing. Emma Lazarus wrote a… Continue reading

Letting the past go

When I was a teenager it was a common practice to assume that nobody ever changed. ¬†What I mean by this is, if somebody had stated an opinion on something a year ago, it was common knowledge that they still felt that way today. ¬†Growth, evolution of thought and philosophy… Continue reading