Our Mandated Health Care – What the Hell did I just pay for?!

Every month I receive a statement from my health insurance, which I ordered up through the marketplace, www.healthcare.gov. It’s a frustrating experience. Before I tell you why, let me give you a bit of a rundown on my personal situation. I have a family of five and Uncle Sam said we must have insurance, so… Continue reading Our Mandated Health Care – What the Hell did I just pay for?!

“Free Stuff”

Originally posted February 25th, 2019 We’re going to be seeing a lot more talk about Socialism now that Bernie is running again. You’re probably going to see a lot posts about people, especially Millennials, demanding “free” stuff. I’d like a minute to talk about that, if you’re game. Well, probably a few minutes, I’m a… Continue reading “Free Stuff”

Tempest Fugit

Originally posted March 28th, 2019. My youngest little dude turns 14 today. My oldest will turn 16 in less than two weeks… Several years ago I read a passage in a book somewhere that said children are basically on loan to us for a little while. They are not ours to keep, we have them… Continue reading Tempest Fugit

Facebook Dump

I’m doing a Facebook dump of the things that I’ve written that I wish to keep around, so you’ll likely see some extra posts that popup and may not have clear context or seem somewhat dated. I’ve essentially dropped Facebook as a media platform at this time. Even if I excuse their data collection and… Continue reading Facebook Dump

Trump’s Next VP

I think Trump’s VP during his second term should be Bill Clinton. That would be the ultimate ticket for the Baby Boomer and up crowd. Two guys with absolutely zero moral fiber, both consummate liars who, between the two of them, can sleaze their way out of everything. And as previously mentioned, would appeal to… Continue reading Trump’s Next VP

Psychiatry is not science

I hear that often, especially from “harder” science types. Honestly, I don’t disagree. Given the scope of the human condition, however, it is certainly something we should study more, and study better. Like most things medical that can be abused for profit, I would love to see it separated from the current profit driven models.… Continue reading Psychiatry is not science

Robert Reich on corporations

I enjoy Robert Reich’s thoughts on most things. I don’t always agree with his politics, but most of his stuff on economics is solid and does provide a great perspective on modern corporate and political policy. In addition to the video link I’m sharing, I recommend you grab a book by Hedrick Smith, which illustrates… Continue reading Robert Reich on corporations

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