Memorial Dal

I’m not sure there are many sacred cows left to me.  Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day meant for reflection and remembrance of our fallen soldiers.  I guess if you’re only going to set aside one day to remember a specific subset of the dead, a Monday in May will do the job.  I personally don’t have a problem with the idea, though if we’re going to honor soldiers, don’t we already have Veteran’s Day?  Am I not to remember the living soldiers in May, and the dead in November?  Technically, I believe that is the case..

I’m pretty conflicted about the holiday.  Not because I don’t honor our veteran’s, or those who have sacrificed their lives in military service to our country, but because I think we’ve allowed ourselves to define patriotism in terms of warfare, and in doing so, we have failed to honor our country.

I’m still thinking on it, working out what it is I want to say, but it’s coming.

Implacable Opposition

I’m a pacifist at heart.  Not because I don’t like violence, I’m actually a bit fond of it.  Not because I am weak, as I have the will commit intentional harm.  No, I’m a pacifist because I find violence stupid.  It’s stupid to harm another person because we disagree, or don’t believe in the same things, or any of the other two million reasons we routinely use to hurt each other.  It’s stupid that we have to harm people because they wish to do us, or others, harm.  It’s stupid that we glorify violence and violent means as the ultimate option to exercise our viewpoints over others.  Be passionate, be disagreeable, stand firm for your beliefs- but do no harm, if you can.