A day like any other, but today was this day.

And what a day it was!  Really, it was a day that had already been informed by the goings on of this past week.  Thursday to Thursday, in fact.  These goings on, though individual in their actions and completely unrelated to one another, have none the less had a collective… Continue reading

And now a word…

I was going to add, “from our sponsors.”  But I realized I don’t have any.  Clearly I must monetize this blog, posthaste. Senor Dave, I humbly request the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea at our usual repast on Saturday.  Please let me know if you’re available. I have… Continue reading

Texas Watch: 2015

I have a breaking news update, straight from the front lines!  Despite two weeks of occupation and super secret military drills, Texas is still an unoccupied State in the Union.  Apparently all the domestic Homeland Security operatives masquerading as basic military forces on maneuvers have been unable enforce martial law… Continue reading

If only all classes were like this…

I came across this website last night while following up on some other reading.  His approach made me laugh, made sense and made it worth it sharing.  I’m buying his book on Amazon and hopefully others will take the time to read through what he has to say.  You don’t… Continue reading