Actually, you can put a price on “X”

It’s hard to separate yourself emotionally from situations that are necessarily a very visceral experience.  If you’re a starving person, or worse, a starving person also providing for others, you’re not usually running the economics or ethics of what is appropriate to steal or not to steal.  At most, your considerations run to… Continue reading

FBI’s Most Dangerous – Ray Bradbury?!

This is what happens when you have a government, under the guise of national security, spy on its own people. Our government has spent the last decade and a half selling itself, and its people, on the mass hysteria of national security. We have the Patriot Act, and its successor… Continue reading

I observed a drug deal…

Well, actually, I observed two, but I’m going to talk about the first one. I was enjoying a Frosty at the park with my daughter.  At two and half years of age, you can get away with entertaining a child by just letting them run around you while sharing licks… Continue reading


Tuesdays don’t get much in the way of respect or regard.  As the day immediately following the dreaded and much maligned Monday, Tuesday is often regarded as Monday+, or the 2nd Monday.  Not much love there considering the typically hate that Monday receives.  And unlike a Wednesday or a Thursday, which… Continue reading

Sufficiently advanced technology

Apparently sufficiently advanced technology invalidates the Constitution. It is interesting to note that the Constitution has been referenced and utilized over much of modern America, from the Internet to manufacturing and beyond, yet, when it comes to whether we are allowed to own a taser, suddenly all those other rulings… Continue reading