Testing a dance party

I don’t play around much with actual code, be it programming, or HTML, or whatever these kids are calling it today.  I haven’t embedded anything before and I want to test it out, so here we go. OK, That didn’t work… And neither did my second solution… https://www.youtube.com/embed/dqJzX8DeLkw

Warning, I Pulled the Trigger

Trigger Warning… You see this little statement occurring more and more- social media posting, articles, etc.  It is essentially a warning that you may see or read something that does not agree with you.  Perhaps it reminds you of a horribly traumatic event in your life, something that took years to recover from, if ever.… Continue reading Warning, I Pulled the Trigger

I met a Jen on the bus

I can’t say whether Jen was male, or female, both or neither, as I don’t know how Jen identifies.  Not wanting to offend Jen by assuming anything about them, I assumed nothing.  I was immediately accused of prejudice, having labeled Jen a non-entity, worth nothing because I had not determined to identify Jen in a… Continue reading I met a Jen on the bus

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