Warning, I Pulled the Trigger

Trigger Warning…

You see this little statement occurring more and more- social media posting, articles, etc.  It is essentially a warning that you may see or read something that does not agree with you.  Perhaps it reminds you of a horribly traumatic event in your life, something that took years to recover from, if ever.  I can understand that.  Naturally, if I was subject to something like that, I might avoid subject matter where such an encounter is likely to occur.  Similar to having a fear of enclosed places, I might elect to not to ride in elevators and most European automobiles.  It makes sense.

These days, though…yeah.  These days you see trigger warning on things subject matters like photos of clowns, skinny people dancing, weight loss products, etc.  It’s no longer a warning of highly charged subject matter and more a warning that something, somewhere, no matter how innocuous, might cause you to experience a response in some form.  Perhaps babies should be born with a warning label on the back of their neck.  Right next to, “Dry clean only” should be a line reading, “Warning: Life Ahead”.

This too, vexes me.



I met a Jen on the bus

I can’t say whether Jen was male, or female, both or neither, as I don’t know how Jen identifies.  Not wanting to offend Jen by assuming anything about them, I assumed nothing.  I was immediately accused of prejudice, having labeled Jen a non-entity, worth nothing because I had not determined to identify Jen in a cis-friendly, non-privileged manner.  That I had determined to not define Jen in any form, is, apparently, a negative definition, in and of, itself.

What you read above is not true.  No names were changed, no places were harmed in this fictional event.  The only thing I am guilty of is creating the situation to illustrate a particular silliness.  That I elect to highlight this silliness, especially as I am a white male of heterosexual preference, automatically renders my opinion not only baseless, but also a form of privileged prejudice.  Alas, i cannot help myself, as I am fundamentally unaware of my own privilege,  and should somebody point this out to me, I am still not able to comprehend its magnitude- somebody else must comprehend it for me.

This vexes me…