Questionable reform

I say what? An interesting, but flawed, bit on the effects of reform legislation on banks.  I don’t think the author extended his conclusions very well.  If the legislation is “forcing” the banks to concentrate growing revenues  more on the small business and customer facing portions and less from the trading floor,… Continue reading

Common Core I doth protest too much

I’m curious as to the backlash on the Common Core curriculum. No Child Left Behind was arguably as disruptive as CC, but I don’t recall bills being introduced because Montana didn’t like the government interference or the unproven standards. One comment in the article really drew my attention. “…new educational… Continue reading

Teachers- the misapplication of right wing political flaggelation

I started paying attention to politics when I was about 10 years old.  It was Bush vs. Dukakis and I squared off against a friend of mine in the schoolyard for several months over who was going to win.  To be honest, Susan was far more serious about the political… Continue reading