Too Big to Fail

Too big to fail.  Most of us recognize that turn of phrase from the last bailout/banking crisis.  Several years after the bailout we are still seeing the fallout from when the banks were running wild with unregulated mortgages and related financial instruments.  Well, not really financial instruments, more like government endorsed Ponzi schemes… Too big to fail… Continue reading Too Big to Fail

Emotional Intelligence continues to rear its head.

I’m linking to a couple of pieces written by Travis Bradberry, the gentleman who wrote Emotional Intelligence 2.o.  I’m curious to see if he equates success to wealth, as Daniel Goleman seemed to in his book, Emotional Intelligence.  I still need to run down the connection between the two authors, see what history and influence… Continue reading Emotional Intelligence continues to rear its head.

Books I’m reading

Self-reflection is great, it keeps the mirror companies in business.  In my case, I need one of those mirrors with a wide angle in order to reflect on everything, but there you go.  With that said, an introspective human being should be reading, too. On my plate… H.P. Lovecraft –  Pretty much everything he wrote.… Continue reading Books I’m reading

Principles and the proverbial line in the sand

I had the honor of sitting down over coffee with a friend of mine today.  I wish I had more of those opportunities but it seems like connecting with people becomes more of a challenge every year.  This friend was using me as a sounding board for some analysis of issues going on in their… Continue reading Principles and the proverbial line in the sand

Robin Williams

Wow, now there was something I wish could have ended differently.  He remains one of the few celebrities I wish I could have met in person, as I suspect we could have a wonderful time.  Depression is one of those frustrating illnesses that is so difficult to handle.  I compare it to alcoholism or drug… Continue reading Robin Williams

Teachers, promoters of commie pinko liberalism

I was talking with my friend Dave the other day and remarking that teachers are often held up by the right as the go to whipping boy for liberalism.  My own experiences are almost 100% in contrast with this, but Dave did point out to me that I did spend most of my schooling in… Continue reading Teachers, promoters of commie pinko liberalism

Water has memory.

My friend, Dave, and I, were discussing the whole silliness that is homeopathy, at least as it pertains towards the concept of water having “memory”. The basic concept is that water retains the chemical memory of whatever it is mixed with, no matter how diluted it gets. That implies that water from a polluted source… Continue reading Water has memory.

When you finally start to figure things out…

My father lamented to me, a couple years before he died, how frustrating it was that he was just starting to figure things out and now he was too sick/old to do anything with it.  He died of cancer at the age of 63, which in my mind was about 40 years too young.  He… Continue reading When you finally start to figure things out…

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