Coming soon: Jesus had a high and tight

So, to expand on my title, finally…  Here is how I came to be thinking about this subject.

For most of my life the standard business class/conservative male hair style has been short, off the collar and above the ears.  Any length beyond that was considered the purview of the liberal left, the white trash and indigent classes.  Especially among my religious and older friends, a short hair style was the personification of being a “man”.  My question was, “why?”.

At first I assumed it originated as a fairly modern cultural norm brought about by relatively recent trends in religious conservativism and its impact on early 19th century Americans.  After all, Jesus is most often characterized with longer hair, men throughout the centuries were known for wearing their hair longer, albeit braided, or having a wig that depicted the same and Native American, Spanish and Asian cultures were perfectly fine with longer hair on men.

More to follow.