A Cup of Coffee With Dad

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a time for reflection for me, but nothing earth shattering or particularly apocalyptic in nature.  I think about my life and place in this world a lot more than once a year.  Yesterday was just the first day I did it, aged 36.  No, yesterday wasn’t so much about… Continue reading A Cup of Coffee With Dad

An interesting point of view.

http://maxistentialist.tumblr.com/post/63322853991/an-open-letter-to-speaker-boehner-from-a-game-designer I liked this post.  Being an avid game player and puzzle solver, I enjoy those things a lot.  I liked how the author was able to parallel his experiences in design with a meta analysis of what is going on in Congress.  I don’t think he’s wrong in his analysis, either.

Ideological Relativism

I was watching  a debate among my coworkers today about the ethical responsibility Miley Cyrus has with regards to her endorsement of products, services and lifestyles that are considered unhealthy for children and teens.  One of the common themes present was the idea that personally, her actions were in moral bad taste and wrong for… Continue reading Ideological Relativism

Lickable Sense and Modern Forestry

So earlier I had put on my grumpy old man hat and ranted a little about the corruption of our educational standards by the religious right. Here’s the problem.  You hold a position that does not require scientific proof to believe in.  Indeed, your literal belief requires that there will be some things cannot be… Continue reading Lickable Sense and Modern Forestry

The buck stops here

That line right there, as definitive and well intentioned as it might have been, perhaps best illustrates the greatest weakness of our modern government.  And by modern, I’m willing to go back as far as the 1950’s. In one word- accountability.  Truman meant to say responsibility was his, he was taking ownership of the consequences… Continue reading The buck stops here

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