Guns are not the problem

I made the post below on a local news forum in response to a letter written to the editor.  I’ve gotten a bit grumpy in my old age.  I don’t suffer fools anymore.  Not that I ever did, really, but I’m more vocal about it now.  Damn kids need to get off my lawn!  🙂… Continue reading Guns are not the problem

Thoughts on the President’s Speech

Loved his comment on, “the origins of people’s names.” Good comment regarding mob rule.  There has been a lot of mob think going on these past few years.  I think maybe I’m more of aware of that than I was even a few years ago, and maybe that colors my view, but I also think… Continue reading Thoughts on the President’s Speech

Letting the past go

When I was a teenager it was a common practice to assume that nobody ever changed.  What I mean by this is, if somebody had stated an opinion on something a year ago, it was common knowledge that they still felt that way today.  Growth, evolution of thought and philosophy was not a big part… Continue reading Letting the past go

Agree to disagree- No, just don’t be an ass

I don’t care if you agree with me, I welcome all dissent and criticism.  I don’t even have to like you as you tell me I’m wrong- in fact, I might think you’re the biggest damn idiot on the planet.  And if you give me lip about how everyone is entitled to their own opinion,… Continue reading Agree to disagree- No, just don’t be an ass

Origins of Sexism

My wife was watching some National Geographic video on Netflix the other day.  It was about various indigenous tribes in New Guinea.  What I found really interesting about the show was that each tribe invariably placed women in lesser roles.  It wasn’t that the women were not integral to the success of the tribe, obviously… Continue reading Origins of Sexism

Congress- a house divided

In the last several years, I think Congress has come to truly embody the phrase, “a house divided.” The Fiscal Cliff issue is just the longest line in a series of events the demonstrate how little Congress has been able to collaborate in order to accomplish their job of effectively administrating the nation.  I like… Continue reading Congress- a house divided

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