And now for something completely serious.

Those Pesky End Times A friend of the family is very concerned for my well being.  She will post links to my Facebook page from time to time, warning me of the dangers of vaccination or Sharia Law being imposed on our troops, that sort of thing.  Today’s post concerns… Continue reading

A day like any other, but today was this day.

And what a day it was!  Really, it was a day that had already been informed by the goings on of this past week.  Thursday to Thursday, in fact.  These goings on, though individual in their actions and completely unrelated to one another, have none the less had a collective… Continue reading

If only all classes were like this…

I came across this website last night while following up on some other reading.  His approach made me laugh, made sense and made it worth it sharing.  I’m buying his book on Amazon and hopefully others will take the time to read through what he has to say.  You don’t… Continue reading

Humor- just be sure to wear rubber soled shoes.

Had Mark Twain been alive today, I am fairly confident he would have written some of these yarns.  More clever than Dilbert, more honest than Office Space, I confess that my mind sometimes works exactly as the (an?)protaganist of this series. For your weekend entertainment and light reading, I submit… Continue reading

Montana health insurers ask for double-digit rate hikes

HELENA — Insurance companies in Montana are requesting double-digit rate increases next year for the health plans of more than 77,000 people covered through the online exchange created by President Source: Montana health insurers ask for double-digit rate hikes   “Double-digit rate increases were the norm in the years leading… Continue reading

Coming Full Circle

My Dad was a railroad man, over 30+ years. Seventeen with Milwaukee, another eighteen or so with Burlington Northern. For most of it he was a signalman, and he commanded a lot of different skills- electronics, communications, welding, repair, etc. And a ton of labor. When I was younger, he… Continue reading

This will become part of my man cave

Check it out. All it needs are more book shelves.  I’ve always loved the art direction that Final Fantasy games have had.  In the 25+ years that I’ve been playing them, the art and music have been their two most outstanding aspects regarding their games. Now, incorporating a themed restaurant… Continue reading

Too Big to Fail

Too big to fail.  Most of us recognize that turn of phrase from the last bailout/banking crisis.  Several years after the bailout we are still seeing the fallout from when the banks were running wild with unregulated mortgages and related financial instruments.  Well, not really financial instruments, more like government endorsed Ponzi… Continue reading

The New Economy by Emma Lazarus

Yesterday I got to thinking about the influence of a bad mustache on modern foreign policy.  The effect is dramatic, I think.  Today, I want to offer up an alternative to a good mustache gone bad.  It’s time for a little competition and some good marketing. Emma Lazarus wrote a… Continue reading

They’re just thinking of the children… What’s the best way to trial a service designed to monitor what people are saying and thinking outside of a particular environment?  Why, disguise it as a means to protect children, of course! The firm referenced in the article is providing a valuable service by snooping on what America’s… Continue reading