Facebook Dump

I’m doing a Facebook dump of the things that I’ve written that I wish to keep around, so you’ll likely see some extra posts that popup and may not have clear context or seem somewhat dated. I’ve essentially dropped Facebook as a media platform at this time. Even if I excuse their data collection and… Continue reading Facebook Dump

Thoughts, Prayers and Bullet Proof Backpacks – The NRA’s Guide to Addressing Gun Violence

Any good capitalist will tell you to never let a tragedy go to waste. I don’t think that it was an accident, within days of the shooting last week in Buffalo, that I started seeing ads on YouTube for bullet proof backpacks. I’m sure I’ll see even more, now. I wish I were joking, or… Continue reading Thoughts, Prayers and Bullet Proof Backpacks – The NRA’s Guide to Addressing Gun Violence

To Remain Silent

I hate bullies.When I was a kid I’d get bullied quite a bit. I was a pretty quiet kid, introverted, smart and socially uncomfortable. There were reasons for that but the details aren’t important. Back in the 80’s, the concept of the Alpha Male was really in its stride. Loud, aggressive type A male dominance… Continue reading To Remain Silent

Lot’s of things, but backlogged

Argh. You’d think I would get some writing done while being quarantined. The truth is that I could, I just haven’t. Lots of ideas floating around, some fleshed out and ready to be set down, others just percolating. My work isn’t affected by moving from the office to home, and sadly, I’ve definitely seen a… Continue reading Lot’s of things, but backlogged

She Persists

I was rather surprised by the lack of showing on behalf of Elizabeth Warren. Of the current crop of candidates, she comes across as the most intelligent, prepared and capable. And despite what many establishment Democrats and virtually all Republicans say, she’s barely Left of Center, policy wise. The last couple of days I’ve been… Continue reading She Persists

You don’t say?!

One of the things that the universe is really good at doing is forcing you to belly up to the table. Some people call it Karma, others the Golden Rule and still others, usually grandparents, they call it, “children of your own.” Regardless of the name, the situation is very similar – Do you walk… Continue reading You don’t say?!

A Responsibility to Govern

Plato once wrote, “The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.” In the context of our republic, I see that as a responsibility to participate, agitate and above all, educate. A poor choice can be disastrous, an informed choice at least shows you can learn from previous… Continue reading A Responsibility to Govern

3rd Party

The United States has been beholden to a two party system for a long time. Given the meltdown of both the Democrats and the Republicans, an occurrence that has left many moderates feeling ignored and unrepresented due to the pathetic partisanship that essentially defines the two camps. Currently the United States lacks anything resembling a… Continue reading 3rd Party

Pick your battles

“You’ll take my gun from my cold, dead hands.” A friend of mine said that used to be a bumper sticker on her dad’s vehicle. It’s a powerful statement. And, if you’re of a certain age, you might associate Charlton Heston saying those words in that intense, menacing voice of his, with such utter conviction… Continue reading Pick your battles

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